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EHG Classic, EHG Digital and outsourcing with EHG Complete.


» EHG Complete // Benefits »Another way of providing materials is no longer imaginable for us today.« Karl-Heinz Zündel Head of Production of Doppelmayr Secure important benefits and the decisive competitive advantage. Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH, Wolfurt (AUT) “The Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group is the global market leader in the ropeway sector. We demonstrate our technological and quality leadership every day anew. In doing so, we focus on our core competencies and are committed to an integrative partnership with our suppliers. By integrating EHG Complete in 2000, we were able to outsource our complete stock of rod material and the related processing of our semi-finished products. Fully automatic material procurement is more economical, makes us more flexible and allows us to use the now-available areas for tasks that create more value. Warehouse logistics, material supply and procurement, in particular, usually offer worthwhile optimisation potentials, which can be transformed into genuine revenue opportunities through outsourcing – ideally with EHG Complete. Benefit 1: flexibility If you do not have to maintain your own – and usually also expensive or unproductive – stock, the inventory risk is also eliminated. ■ Only what is actually needed is ordered ■ Leftover items in the warehouse are a thing of the past ■ Former storage areas can be used productively Benefit 3: Increase in efficiency Using EHG Complete makes the entire procurement process more secure, economically viable and, ultimately, more efficient. ■ Services provided by professional service partners with highly optimised structures ■ Reduced lead times by avoiding manual administrative processes ■ Savings as a result of fully digitalised order processing from order to billing Result: Smooth and error-free operational processes. Result: More space for the core business. Benefit 2: Scheduling reliability Insecure scheduling and dependency on the company’s own order situation as well as the current market situation in the supply of materials are eliminated. ■ Increased security of supply over the long term ■ No supply bottlenecks thanks to the EHG warehouse and just-in-time delivery Result: Always an optimum supply of materials. Photo: Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH Page | 15

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